Weight Loss 101: Why your blood sugar matters

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Weight Loss 101: Why your blood sugar matters

  At AFF, we don’t obsess over the scale, count calories, or structure our workouts around “burning off” what you ate last night.   This is why you love us, right? It’s all about living your strongest, healthiest life. Managing (or reducing, or eliminating) pain. Feeling good. Enjoying exercise.   We stand by this. But Continue Reading

What to do when you’ve been eating a bunch of JUNK.

It happens. You’re going along, eating your greens and feeling great…and then, PIZZA! It seems like a special treat, and you deserve it. (No argument here, by the way. I like pizza too.) You feel alright, so you rationalize some other treat – like chocolate, or cake, or more cheese. Then you decide since the Continue Reading

Low-carb, vegan and gluten-free, oh my!

Ever wonder which diet is right for you, or why there are so many to choose from in the first place? Tomorrow I’ll discuss the most popular dietary theories that are trending right now – nuts, bolts, pros and cons. Achieving Your Healthiest Weight is an eight-week series and is included in your membership at Continue Reading