New Year’s Resolutions-friend or foe?

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New Year’s Resolutions-friend or foe?

We’re back! After a much too long hiatus (Sam, we miss you), we’ve resuscitated our blog. And couldn’t be a better time! This is the time of year that many, possibly even you, decide to make positive change in their lives and get in shape. GO YOU! Don’t listen to the naysayers or statisticians that Continue Reading

The Secret to Reaching Your 2016 Goals

Oh goody! Another goal-setting article. Maybe THIS will be the one that actually sticks. Maybe THIS one won’t be the same┬áregurgitated advice you read every single January. Ever wonder why bloggers and magazines can get away with publishing the same New Year’s Resolution content, year after year? It’s because every December 31st, when we look Continue Reading

3 Things you Can Do THIS WEEK to Get a Head Start on 2016

  This week is always weird — the limbo between Christmas and New Year’s. You’re back at work, maybe, but the schedule is off. Kids are still home from school. There’s a full week of December left, but it all feels kinda pointless.   It’s really just one big countdown to 2016…and THEN you’ll get Continue Reading