Get Glowing Skin at Any Age (Without Chemicals)

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Get Glowing Skin at Any Age (Without Chemicals)

  The other day, my 10-year-old nephew came in from outside and said, “Hey Aunt Sam. Your epidermis is showing.” (Snark snark.) Ah, kids. He had a point though — it was showing. It’s always exposed, to sunlight, air pollutants, the chlorine in my water, and who knows what else. (In case you’re feeling secretly out Continue Reading

The Ultimate Summer Skin Care Guide

A regular skin care regimen is indulgent (but healthy). It’s calming (but invigorating). It’s enjoyable, with huge payoffs (but…nothing).   If you’re not practicing good skin care, you are seriously missing out. Of all the things I do for my health, this is my very favorite.   In the summer, we think more about our Continue Reading

Healthy Skin in 30 Days – starts next week!

Summer is your chance to show off some skin. But what if your skin is dry, itchy, or covered in an unsightly rash? Truly healthy skin comes from a combination of internal factors (like good food and water) and external care. In this 30-day program, Holistic Health Coach Samantha Pollack will provide everything you need to Continue Reading

Look Ten Years Younger – Healthy Skin Tips

Your skin is your body’s largest organ – did you know that? Probably – most people do. But do you know what that means? It means your skin – just like any other organ – performs a vital function that your body needs in order to maintain health. And just like any other organ, its Continue Reading