The Last Salad Recipe You’ll Ever Need. Period.

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The Last Salad Recipe You’ll Ever Need. Period.

I know the big Foodie holidays are over, but I have one last recipe to share. This is a fancy crowd-pleaser that’s very easy to make. It’s super impressive without being overly fussy. It also just HAPPENS to look very festive this time of year, but you can make this salad anytime. Bring this salad Continue Reading

Maple-Glazed Root Vegetables

Marshmallows and brown sugar? Humor me, and try this instead. The variety of root vegetables in this dish mean more interesting flavors (and more nutrition). Parsnips are earthy and sweet, ┬áless starchy than potatoes, and rich in fiber. Maple syrup is considered a superfood, with over 80 nutrients, including manganese and zinc. Plus it tastes Continue Reading

Holiday Recipe Kickoff

This month, I’m on a mission: to show you how to create healthy, delicious versions of your favorite holiday dishes. Throughout December, submit your recipes to PLEASE INCLUDE A PICTURE OF YOURSELF (and of the dish, if you have one). Each week, I’ll choose one of your recipes to feature on the blog – Continue Reading