Crush Your Fitness Goals this Winter!

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Crush Your Fitness Goals this Winter!

Many people struggle this time of year to maintain a good fitness routine. It’s tough to get to the gym when it’s dark outside, and your bed feels so warm, and all you want is a bowl of soup.  Add in the craziness of holiday schedules and office Christmas cookies, and it’s oh-so easy for the Continue Reading

Meet Our New Addition!

  Calm down; nobody had a baby. We have a new part-time trainer!   For a long time, Trish, Ross and I have been a close-knit, well orchestrated team of three. It’s been awesome to work so closely with each other. We all have each others’ backs when something comes up – say, one of Continue Reading

Why I Became a Personal Trainer (Trish)

  I’ve always had a competitive drive.  Perhaps it began in childhood trying to keep up with my two brothers, who are on either side of me in years.  I tried to be as good as them in baseball, playing with matchbox cars, and certainly faster than them running down the street.   Naturally, I Continue Reading

Why I Became a Personal Trainer (Ross)

I still consider myself a relative newbie to the life of a fitness trainer, but I’m definitely not a rookie when it comes to exercise.   I started participating in athletics in middle school.  I actually had to persuade my parents to let me join the soccer team (they were much more focused on my Continue Reading

Weight Loss 101: The Exercise Equation

Less food + More activity There you have it – the long-accepted formula for how to lose weight. In other words, fewer calories in, more calories burned. Hundreds of weight loss programs on the market are founded on this basic equation – and they DON’T WORK. Not in the long term, anyway. For one thing, Continue Reading

Weight Loss 101: Why your blood sugar matters

  At AFF, we don’t obsess over the scale, count calories, or structure our workouts around “burning off” what you ate last night.   This is why you love us, right? It’s all about living your strongest, healthiest life. Managing (or reducing, or eliminating) pain. Feeling good. Enjoying exercise.   We stand by this. But Continue Reading

Leg Day Substitute: Mt. Pisgah Trail

Spring is transitioning into Summer here in Western North Carolina, and much of the Asheville population is gearing up and heading outdoors to take advantage of our diverse surroundings.  As much as the city of Asheville provides its population with arts, culture, and endless entertainments, it also provides everyone with easy access to a buffet Continue Reading