Back Pain – Part I: Clues into the why’s and how’s of Back Pain

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Back pain royally sucks, no doubt (I speak from personal experience). It will strike most of us at some point in our lives- some people earlier than others, some more intensely and debilitating than others, some recover quickly while others it becomes a chronic condition. Why? The first answer is: genetics. You got what you’re Continue Reading

New Year’s Resolutions-friend or foe?

We’re back! After a much too long hiatus (Sam, we miss you), we’ve resuscitated our blog. And couldn’t be a better time! This is the time of year that many, possibly even you, decide to make positive change in their lives and get in shape. GO YOU! Don’t listen to the naysayers or statisticians that Continue Reading

Boost Your Motivation with a Fitness Challenge

Want to rocket-launch yourself out of a fitness rut? Need a stronger core, but can’t seem to stay consistent? Like winning stuff?   A fitness challenge can solve all your problems. Well, all your exercise-related problems. It can’t pay your taxes or clean your bathroom.   Here’s how it works: You find a challenge, or Continue Reading

Overcoming the Winter Slump

The fall and winter seasons are a time of celebrating, unwinding, bundling up, and gathering with those closest to you.  It’s also the time of year where motivation is generally at an all time low.  We’ve been tackling 2014 with everything we’ve got for months now; it’s time to take a seat and wait for Continue Reading

Why I Became a Personal Trainer (Sam)

Some people know what they want to do at age 18. I was not one of those people. When I was 18, my number one interest was Getting As Far Away from My Parents as Possible. But you can’t major in that, so I ended up at Boston University with a major in Art History Continue Reading

The Power of Planking

July is Plank month at AFF! All month long, we’ll teach you how to do planks, why you should do them, and how to make them just a little less boring/painful.   This week, we’ll start with WHY.   Core strength is a crucial factor in healing and preventing back pain, correcting posture, and ensuring Continue Reading

New Class Schedule, Baby Trees….and the O-ZONE!!!

If you haven’t been to Asheville Family Fitness lately, you’ve been missing out on some serious spiffing-uppery. For one thing, our “front yard” is looking nicer – we’ve planted some trees and other green things, for a prettier parking lot experience. More oxygen in the air too, to combat all those cars on Leicester Highway. Continue Reading