Back Pain – Part I: Clues into the why’s and how’s of Back Pain

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Back pain royally sucks, no doubt (I speak from personal experience). It will strike most of us at some point in our lives- some people earlier than others, some more intensely and debilitating than others, some recover quickly while others it becomes a chronic condition. Why? The first answer is: genetics. You got what you’re Continue Reading

Healthy Holidays Monday December 8th!

This Monday I’m hosting a Healthy Holidays pop-up class.   It’s not a workout.   It’s not the same old tips and tricks for surviving the holidays. (Chew slowly, take walks, don’t fill up on appetizers, blah blah blah.)   It’s not a secret ploy to take all the “fun” out of your favorite dishes. Continue Reading

Look Ten Years Younger – Healthy Skin Tips

Your skin is your body’s largest organ – did you know that? Probably – most people do. But do you know what that means? It means your skin – just like any other organ – performs a vital function that your body needs in order to maintain health. And just like any other organ, its Continue Reading

New Class Schedule, Baby Trees….and the O-ZONE!!!

If you haven’t been to Asheville Family Fitness lately, you’ve been missing out on some serious spiffing-uppery. For one thing, our “front yard” is looking nicer – we’ve planted some trees and other green things, for a prettier parking lot experience. More oxygen in the air too, to combat all those cars on Leicester Highway. Continue Reading

Will I Ever Use This in Real Life?

Most of us asked that question at some point in our learning years. For most of us, it happened somewhere between trigonometry and calculus. But whatever the subject, our young minds questioned the purpose of learning – why do we need to know this? How will it serve us in real life? As adults, we Continue Reading

Meet our amazing staff!

Just a few weeks more to opening, and here is the first of our weekly staff introductions. I have been so fortunate to come across wonderful, intelligent, kind, and highly skilled people that want to be a part of our Asheville Family Fitness gym and Physical Therapy team. And you, our current clients and future Continue Reading

Meet our future fitness trainers!

These are the rising stars of Asheville Family Fitness…and the child care quality control team. Thanks go out to my wife, our family circle of Montessori, kindergarten, & art educators, many of our close friends, and most of all our little ones. We covered each of the 4 walls of our child care room with Continue Reading

Asheville’s newest fitness & wellness center building update

The newest man made object visible from space! If you have to ask where this building is on Leicester Hwy, you need to get your eyesight checked out! The biggest blue roof this side of Duke is now finished, so barring any unforseen hiccups with inspections, we’ll be putting up drywall soon! Less than 12 Continue Reading