Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Gym Membership – And They Don’t Involve Spending Any Money

Starting a new gym membership is a daunting proposition. But it doesn’t have to be.


It’s one thing to get over the financial hump and make the commitment on paper. But once that’s done, you have to actually go there three times a week.


On top of that, you can get a little lost around all that equipment. The other members seem so confident in what they’re doing, and there’s all these fit little trainers running around like they know everything.


Truth: Most large gyms make the on-boarding process intimidating on purpose. So you feel obligated to buy personal training sessions. Or – even better – you just keep paying your monthly dues, without ever showing up.


AFF is a horse of a different color. Because what we want for you more than anything? Is to USE OUR GYM.

Personal Trainers at Asheville Family Fitness


The trainers might be fit (we hope) and smart (we think), but above all, we CARE.


You don’t know this, but we talk about you. We meet every two weeks and hash out whatever’s happening in the gym. We have each other’s backs, and yours.


And the last thing we talked about was: How can we better acclimate new members to the gym? What’s missing from this process? Is there anything we can do for our existing members, to help them stay on track?

Here’s what we came up with. Three different session types to help every level of gym-goer get where they need to go.


Scenario #1: You’ve been doing the same routine for a while and sense it’s time to step things up. Or, you’ve just been told you need to strengthen your glutes/core/back, but you’re not really sure what that means.


You know it’s always best to get a trainer’s guidance, but you can’t always make it to a class. Plus, your issue is pretty specific and you’re not sure you’ll get the specific modification you need.


You need: Ask a Trainer. A one-hour block of time in a trainer’s schedule, when he/she is available to help members with specific questions or issues. You can show up any time during this hour to get answers. This isn’t for brand-new members who need an entire routine – see Scenario #3.


How to book: Look for Ask a Trainer on the class schedule. You can sign up ahead of time, or just show up!


Scenario #2: You’re here, you’re motivated, but you just want everyone to leave you alone while you do your thing. As soon as you figure out what that is.


You’re comfortable with the idea of a gym, but it’s been a while. You know you like to strength train but don’t feel ready to delve into free weights and barbells.


Helloooo Nautilus machines! (We have those.)


You need: Equipment Orientation. A half-hour block when you can come in and learn how to set up and adjust our workout equipment. You’ll learn where the seat needs to be, how much weight you need, and how many sets and reps to do. We’ll write everything down and create your very own folder, so you can keep track of your progress.


How to book: Look for Equipment Orientation on the class schedule. Then, just show up!


Scenario #3: You have no idea what a gym even IS.


You finally joined that gym you’ve been driving by for the past six months. You have a good feeling about this place. The staff was super enthusiastic, and you promised you’d be in the very next day for your first workout.




You don’t have any idea what a “workout” actually entails. That’s okay, you think. I’ll just hop on the treadmill and it’ll look like I know what I’m doing.


But you can’t even turn the darn thing ON. When did they start making treadmills so complicated?


You need: AFF Start-Up Session. A 45-minute, one-on-one session with one of our trainers – a must for gym newbies. We’ll take your pie-in-the-sky goals and bring them down to earth. (Maybe pie was a bad place to start.) We’ll hear your concerns, questions, worries, fears, past experiences, and current state of mind, and then we’ll create a workable plan you can handle right away.


How to book: Usually scheduled at the front desk during membership signup. But you can stop by anytime and ask to schedule one.


You don’t need to know what you’re doing. You don’t even have to know which foot is your left.


All you have to do?


Is ask for help.


Written by Damon

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