Melanie Bowen on the Benefits of Exercise for Cancer Patients

Asheville Family Fitness and Physical Therapy is happy to welcome our first guest blogger, Melanie Bowen. Melanie is an awareness advocate for natural health and cancer cure initiatives. At, she writes about the benefits of alternative treatments on those diagnosed with cancer or other serious illness. This week she shares with us how exercise can benefit cancer patients.


Exercise Can Aid in Cancer Recovery

Exercise is one of the most beneficial hobbies people can partake in, however, many
people do not understand the full extent to which it helps. While people understand
exercise allows people to lose weight, tone muscles, and get in better shape, they
do not understand how especially beneficial exercise is to cancer patients. Exercise
can help cancer patients in several ways therefore, many oncologists and other
health care providers recommend that cancer patients practice daily exercise.

Exercise can help most cancer patients, even if the patient has mesothelioma or
another type of aggressive rare cancer. Exercise will help a patient feel better in
many ways. When people are diagnosed with cancer, a few minutes of exercise
each day can reduce the chances of them succumbing to their disease.
Furthermore, exercise will allow the individuals to develop stronger muscles, and it
can allow them to have a quicker recovery from the treatment. If individuals choose
to exercise during their cancer treatments, they will see marked improvements in
their motor skills, their energy levels, and their quality of life.

Aerobic exercise is extremely beneficial to cancer patients. One of the primary
reasons is because when the individuals engage in aerobic exercise, they are able
to increase the amount of antioxidants and decrease the number of free radicals in
their body. Antioxidants are extremely important in the fight against cancer because
they help to destroy cancerous cells. Therefore, as patients are treated for cancer,
they should begin an aerobic exercise program to help them as they begin to
recover. Some of the types of aerobic exercises that they should consider are
walking, jogging, or swimming. Regardless of the activity that is chosen, the
individuals should not engage in an intense workout. If the individuals engage in
aggressive workouts, they may put too much strain on their body.

Strength training can also aid in a cancer patient’s recovery process. During
chemotherapy and radiation treatments, the individuals may develop weak muscles
and bones. As a result, they will be more susceptible to bone fractures. By doing
exercises to strengthen their muscles, they will reduce the chances of bone fractures
or other musculoskeletal injuries. Furthermore, stronger muscles will decrease the
level of fatigue
felt while undergoing the cancer treatment.

Although exercise is extremely beneficial during cancer treatments, individuals
should consult with their doctors to ensure they are participating in the most
beneficial program for their condition.

To read more about alternative nutritional, emotional and physical treatments for cancer, visit Melanie’s blog.

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  1. Walking has been shown time and again as the simplest ‘exercise’ one can do to improve one’s health. You can increase the efficacy of this gentle exercise by combining it with breathing. Walking Qigong has been used with much success to help people with cancer, and is quite common in China.

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