Change Is Good. Even When It’s Sad.

Sargeant Ross Flat

We close out National Transition Month with the granddaddy of transitions — losing another AFF family member to the great wide open.

That’s right — in case you haven’t heard, Ross is moving on. Before he starts the grueling Physical Therapy program at Western Carolina University this fall, he’s spending the summer visiting family, from L.A. to the Philippines. (And apparently summer starts in April in Ross-land.)

But get this. Not only is he leaving us to traipse across the country in an old Subaru Outback, he’s not letting us go without a final butt-whooping.

Wanna join us in sending him off?

Last Chance Bootcamp starts April 4th and runs Monday- Thursday (at a not-for-the-faint-of-heart 7:30 AM) through the 14th. (Which also happen to be his last two weeks at AFF).

Sign up at the front desk, or register online. (He’ll need the extra money in case he gets stranded in the desert.)

It sounds intense, but it’s adaptable to all levels. There will be some running drills, body weight strength, and….who am I kidding? I don’t know what all he has in store.

But I’ll be there, because it’s Ross.

And we love Ross.

Even though we don’t want him to go. 🙁

Written by Damon

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