Boost Your Motivation with a Fitness Challenge

Want to rocket-launch yourself out of a fitness rut? Need a stronger core, but can’t seem to stay consistent? Like winning stuff?


A fitness challenge can solve all your problems. Well, all your exercise-related problems. It can’t pay your taxes or clean your bathroom.


Here’s how it works: You find a challenge, or you invent one. Some examples (a few of which I just invented, right now):


Plank Challenge: Do a plank every day, starting with 20 seconds and increasing by 10 seconds every day.


Squat Challenge: Every day, do 50 squats. Or 100. Or you could pyramid, starting with 20, working up to 100, then back down to 20. As the reps increase, you can spread the squats out in sets throughout the day.


Push-up Challenge: Same as squat challenge. You get the idea.


50-mile Challenge: Attempt to walk or run 50 miles in 30 days. If you’re a longer-distance runner, you can change the number to suit your fitness level.


Once you choose your challenge, schedule it. Recruit friends or coworkers to do it with you. Tell everyone you know. Brag about it on facebook. Take pictures every day. Make yourself a big calendar and check off every day as you complete your activity.


Here’s why it works:


Structure, structure, structure. A focused, time-sensitive plan eliminates the distraction of decision-making, so you can focus on gettin’ ‘er done.


Consistency. Doing the same thing every day, you’ll really notice your progress. And progress is exciting and motivating. As you see yourself get stronger, faster, and your endurance goes up, you’ll


Competition. Nothing like a healthy competitive spirit to keep you motivated. Fitness challenges are awesome, because you mostly compete against yourself, and/or the clock. Plus you can tailor them completely to your fitness level, personal preference, and schedule. You don’t have to impose someone else’s cookie-cutter plan on your unique lifestyle.


This spring, we’re encouraging EVERYONE to try a fitness challenge! And hey, what a coincidence – we’ve got one of our own starting on April 13th. Stay tuned!

Written by Damon

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