Are You Secretly Slacking at The Gym? Here’s What You Can Do About It


Did you know…March is National Transition Month! (According to us.)

A time of change. A time of growth. A time of crocuses and daffodils and thank heavens it’s not February anymore.

Seriously…was that the longest month in the history of mankind, or WHAT?

There are going to be some big changes at AFF over the next several months — don’t worry; we’ll keep you in the loop — and this week, we invite you to do a little growing and changing along with us.

First order of business: what is up with your exercise routine? Have you been doing the same Gx2 class for the past 37 months?

Or hopping on the elliptical for the same 30 minutes, at the same intensity, with the same resistance, for as long as you’ve been a member?

Yep…those are real examples.

While it’s awesome to find a class/workout/routine that works for you in so many ways (it’s at the perfect time; the difficulty level is just right, and the people are fab), a time comes when you’ve gotta shake things up.

When your workouts become repetitive, familiar, old hat, your body stops adapting. It goes on autopilot. That Gx2 class that was super hard the first few weeks? Now it’s no sweat (literally).

Here’s the thing about bodies and muscles: they’re lazy. And they cheat.

As soon as they figure out the least difficult way to do something, that’s exactly what they’ll do. Which means you stop progressing. Weight loss slows down. Muscles and bones don’t continue to grow.

And the tricky thing is, you won’t feel like you’re plateauing. It’s easy to feel like you’re working hard when you haven’t been pushed to your limits in a while.

You could be in a fitness rut, and you wouldn’t even know.

How to Tell if You’re Stagnating at The Gym

1. You have energy to chat with your neighbors for the duration of whatever exercise you’re doing.

2. You have the stamina to do three and four classes in a row.

3. You’ve been doing the same level Gx class for more than six months.

4. You only ever do cardio.

5. You’ve stopped losing weight (assuming you’ve not reached your goal yet).

6. You’re never, ever sore after a workout anymore.

How to Shake the Cobwebs Out of a Boring Fitness Routine

1. Whatever class you’ve been doing? Try the next level up. You hereby have the staff’s permission.

2. If you’ve only been doing cardio, try a FunGx class. Or at least switch machines!

3. Take advantage of our Pop-Up Classes — one-off classes that highlight different types of exercise (like Zumba!). Check the schedule HERE.

4. The trainers are here to help you do exactly that — shake the cobwebs out. Look for “Ask a Trainer” on the class schedule, and come see us.

5. Make a promise to yourself next time you come in to work as hard as you possibly can. Use the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale: On a scale of 1-10, 1 = strolling through the mall; 10 = running for your life from an angry bear. Try to work up to peaks of 8 or 9, with rest periods in between that hover around 5 or 6.

6. Commit to a bootcamp. We’ve got Aqua Bootcamp coming up at the end of the month, and Ross’s Last Chance Bootcamp in early April.

One more thing: this isn’t about making you feel lazy or shaming you into working harder (we’ll leave that to The Biggest Loser). Everybody stagnates.

Especially in the winter. Winter sucks.

But we’re optimistically saying, winter’s over! Let’s oil our rusty joints, thaw out our muscles, blow out our lungs before they get filled with pollen.

Happy National Transition Month everyone!

Dive in and celebrate with us, will ya?


Written by Damon

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