Answer to the Burning Question: What is the Best form of Exercise for YOU?

Asheville Family Fitness Functional Movement Analysis

The best answer is (e). None of the Above. But like most things, it’s not quite that simple. The thing that all of those other answers is missing is an expert analyzing your movement, your level of fitness, and your body’s individual limitations then helping guide you toward the best exercise. Should everyone be doing Yoga? No. Should everyone be doing Pilates? No. Despite the fact that those other factors can play into your motivations and pleasures in doing exercise (in fact, exercising with a buddy or group is the leading factor that creates good long term exercise habits), they should not be the lead principle guiding you towards what your particular body needs the most. Our Functional Movement Analysis will. It is the best first step towards determining what your exercises focus should be, and what it shouldn’t be! It will give you insight as to which joint(s) may be stiff or weak, making them prone to injury. Or maybe that old injury that you just “pushed through” and thought was all good is leaving one side slightly weaker than the other. It doesn’t mean you can’t do the fun class(es) you’ve enjoyed in the past, nor does it mean you can’t do that lunchtime workout with your co-workers. But it will give you knowledge about your body. And KNOWLEDGE is POWER! Power that will lead to a better body, a stronger body, and a more resilient body to do what you want it to do!

Written by Damon

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