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Swim Lessons

Parent/baby water class


Level One: Parent/Baby and Parent/Toddler Swim Classes

Parents and their little ones will learn basic safety skills, floating, blowing bubbles, and turning/resurfacing. (They’ll sing songs and have fun too!)

Pricing  We encourage you to purchase monthly passes. Drop-ins subject to availability.

Monthly Pass: $7.50 per class. This varies depending on the number of Thursday in the month. 
Drop-in: $10.00 per class.

Next Level One Class Sessions~

Five-week course~Thursdays August 3-13. Registration for August classes opens Tuesday, June 27th at 9 am. Call for registration: 225-3838

  • Parent/Baby Swim: Thursdays from 9:00 to 9:45 am. 
  • Parent/Toddler Swim: Thursdays from 10:00 to 10:45 am. 

June classes are full, but parents are encouraged to find a group of friends and schedule a Parent-Child semi-private lesson package. Click here for details)


Levels Two & Three: Group Swim Lessons

Group swim lessons are for children ages 3-8, in six-week sessions. Groups are capped at six kids and are divided by age & ability level. Each child is required to have goggles. Minimum of 3 children enrolled per class.  

Level Two: Safety Fundamentals (ages 3+)

In this class we teach the introductory skills that will prepare your child to learn formal swimming strokes: breath control, floating, kicking, and basic safety.

Level Three: Stroke Development (ages 3+)

When your child can perform all the skills in Level 2, it’s time to begin learning freestyle, backstroke, and treading actions.

Price per child, per six-week session~$90.00

Next Sessions

Tuesday July 11-Aug 15 (Every Tuesday for 6 weeks)
Level 2 4:00-4:45
Level 3 5:00-5:45

Wednesday July 12-Aug 16 (Every Wednesday for 6 weeks)
Level 2 5:30-6:15
Level 3 6:30-7:15

Registration for the July/August class session opens Tuesday, June 6th. Call for registration: 225-3838

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Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Available for children and adults.

Private Swim Lesson Pricing (per person)

                                    Single Session          Package (4+)

30 minutes                     $45                               $35.00 per lesson, total of $140.00 paid in advance

45 minutes                     $55                               $50.00 per lesson, total of $200.00 paid in advance

60 minutes                     $65                               $55.00 per lesson, total of $220.00 paid in advance


Semi-Private Swim Lesson Pricing (per person; one-hour session only)

                                     Single Session          Package (4+)

2 students                       $45                               $35.00 per lesson, total of $140.00 paid in advance

3+ students                     $35                               $25.00 per lesson, total of $100.00 paid in advance


Parent/Child Semi-Private Lesson Package

Class full? No problem! Get a group together for Parent/Baby class with Suzanne! Classes can be scheduled according to your convenience-you determine the frequency, day of the week, and time as long as it works with pool and teacher schedules.

  • Available to groups of 4 to 8 children, aged 0 to 3 yrs
  • Reschedule or cancel the classes according to availability
  • One make-up session will be allowed in the pool per person.  If someone is sick and the group doesn’t want to reschedule, that person can schedule 30 minutes of “individual swim time” in the pool at their convenience.
  • Eight 30-minute lessons for $100 per child. That’s $12.50 per class.


Eight 30-minute Semi-Private Lesson Package 

Designed specifically for more advanced 2-4 year olds and groups with at least one 2-4 year old in them. Classes can be scheduled according to your convenience-you determine the frequency, day of the week, and time as long as it works with pool and teacher schedules.

  • Available to groups of 2-4 children
  • At least one participant must be 4 years old or younger
  • Parents do not have to be in the water, but they may be
  • Reschedule or cancel the classes according to availability
  • $140 for the package-that’s $17.50 per person per class



Swim Instructor, Asheville Family FitnessOur Swim Instructor: Suzanne Seagle grew up on the west coast of Florida where she swam competitively and for recreation. She’s been a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard since 2008, and in 2014, she became a Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor. She specializes in teaching youth, adults and those with special needs how to swim or to improve their water skills.





The Endless Current Pool at Asheville Family Fitness

This is a fully adjustable Endless Current pool.  Since the pool is very small, our group classes are very personalized.

  • Challenging: Jets are adjustable current for standing, walking, or deep end exercise with resistance
  • Educational: Excellent for learning swim technique, with or without hands-on support
  • Warm: 92-93° F
  • Low bromine: UV sanitizer keeps water clean w/less chemicals
  • Safe: Grab rails and underwater benches throughout
  • Relaxing: Therapeutic massage jets 


Individual Swim Reservations

The pool is available for 30-minute reservations by individual Wellness Center members any time it isn’t in use for programmed activities. You may schedule three appointments in advance.  Click here to check the Google calendar for availability  and call us at 828-225-3838 to make your reservation.


Aquatic Fitness

Aquatic exercise is a fun activity that builds strength, is easy on the joints, increases flexibility, and torches calories!

  • Group Classes: We offer classes for all ages, including parent/baby and parent/toddler, and all levels of challenge, from simple mobility to high-intensity cardio & weight loss
  • Individual pool time: members can reserve 30-minute sessions. Individual pool time can be booked on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on availability. Call us at 225-3838 to reserve a slot.

Click here to view our pool calendar for Aquatics Classes  


Aquatic Physical Therapy

Aquatic physical therapy at Asheville Family Fitness


We offer one-on-one Aquatic Physical Therapy in a safe environment with a licensed Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant. You’ll experience the benefits of our 92 to 94 degree water to help decrease pain sensitivity, increase circulation, and improve motion and flexibility by relaxing tight muscles. It is it easier to perform exercises in the pool than on land because the natural buoyancy of water reduces the pull of gravity. And don’t worry, it is not necessary to know how to swim!

  • Railings and steps make entry into and exit from the pool possible for all mobility levels
  • Four-foot depth ensures safe, secure treatments; six-foot section allows for deep water flotation for spine and joint decompression
  • “Hands-on” manual therapies speed recovery