Physical Therapy

Feel & Perform at your BEST!

Damon Rouse. owner of Asheville Family Fitness & Physical Therapy

We don’t just treat pain, we find & treat the cause.

Our Physical Therapists first diagnose your condition, getting to the root cause. Then combine research-proven manual (hands-on) therapies along with specific neuro-muscular exercises, special modalities, and education in self treatment to help speed your recovery.

Our therapists have special training in aquatics, orthopedics and post-op care, balance, headaches, spine & sciatica, and jaw pain/TMJ. We also offer trigger point dry needling and custom foot orthotics.

Physical Therapy can:

  • Treat joint stiffness & loss of motion
  • Correct poor alignment & biomechanics
  • Decompress spinal discs & nerves
  • Strengthen weak or deconditioned muscles
  • Restore balance, eliminate dizziness
  • Alleviate headaches & whiplash
  • Find the source of Sciatica and other neuropathies
  • Show YOU how to heal yourself!

For insurance questions or to book an appointment, call or visit our front desk Monday through Friday, 6am – 6pm.

Meet the P.T. staff here!