Asheville Family Fitness massage pic

Massage therapy is not just for pampering!

It’s not a luxury; it’s essential. It’s been proven to release tension, decrease inflammation, and accelerate healing.

Physical Therapy patients (past or current): Our massage therapists are trained  in clinical massage, and work closely with the PT staff to ensure the safest, most effective care for each patient.

Gym members: Use it to help prevent post-workout soreness, work out a kink, or just as a well-deserved treat!

We offer the following styles:

  • Relaxation
  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue/Sports
  • Neuro-muscular


Massage Prices    

Single                     Package (4 or more)

30 minutes                    $45.00                    $40.00 each

60 minutes                    $75.00                    $65.00 each

90 minutes                    $110.00                  $100.00 each

To book a massage, call us at 828-225-3838. Payment is required when you make a reservation. Because of the difficulty of filling missed appointments, we require 24 hour’s notice for cancellations. You may be charged up to the full amount of service for missed appointments or for any cancellations with less than a 24 hour notice. 


Meet Our Staff

Robert Kochka

Robert enjoys using massage therapy to treat people with complicated chronic muscular issues, postural imbalances, injury recovery, sudden pain, stress, depression, pregnancy discomforts, and can adapt all sessions to most complaints.

He has been practicing massage therapy ever since he graduated from the Florida School of Massage Therapy in Gainesville, Florida in 2004, and he loves it! When he’s not working, he enjoys exploring the great outdoors of Asheville, dancing, and spending time with his beautiful family. He uses a range of techniques including Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Connective Tissue Therapy, Deep tissue, Swedish, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy and Polarity Therapy, tailored to fit your needs.


Edward Cortright

Edward pursued a massage bodywork license in order to begin practicing Integrated Manual Therapy (IMT), a holistic approach to addressing physical pain and restrictions.  Edward was introduced to IMT when he began to get migraines in the late 1990’s. This subtle therapy helped stop the recurrence of his migraines and initiated Ed’s fascination about how this therapy worked. Today Edward offers IMT and traditional massage therapy to his clients, depending on the client’s preferences.  Massage offers a deep connection to the muscles, improved circulation, and relief from muscular aches and pain. IMT offers a subtle hands-on approach to persistent and chronic dysfunctions.