These 5 Little Life Changes Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

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Coming out of a long winter, your body can feel a little…old.

Dry skin. Stiff joints. Sluggish energy. A day of enthusiastic yard work can leave you sore for a week. And it doesn’t help that the allergies kick in right about now.

This year — in honor of our self-proclaimed National Transition Month — we offer five simple changes to your daily routine that will help you shake off the cobwebs, ease your sore muscles and joints, and make you feel young again.

1. Hot lemon water every morning. Lemon water aids weight loss because it helps your liver process food & toxins. It also stimulates peristalsis, which helps you poop more regularly (and nothing says “young” like a satisfying poop). It also helps clear your skin. And it’s practically free. Win-win.

2. Epsom salt baths. If you’re an allergy sufferer, heads up. Salt baths draw toxins and irritants out of your system. The salt is rich in magnesium, which helps relieve soreness, and helps you sleep. (Come to think of it, magnesium also helps you poop. Maybe my next post will be about pooping).

3. Nighttime yoga. Try this gentle, beginner-friendly routine to ease out of your day and knead out the kinks before you get into bed. You could easily repurpose this for a morning routine as well.

4. Drink more water. I wonder how many times, in how many different ways, I’ve told you to drink more water? Why do you think that is? Because it’s like the easiest, most no-brainer change you can make, and it yields the biggest return on investment (health-wise) I know of. More energy. Better digestion. Appetite regulation. Reduced cravings. Improved mood and sleep. All these issues could be coming from dehydration. Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!

5. Stop watching TV in bed. In fact, make your bedroom a no-electronics zone, and make it as pitch dark as you possibly can when it’s time to hit the hay. One of the keys to restful sleep is allowing your body’s natural melatonin to kick in, which can only happen when your brain isn’t stimulated, and there’s no bright light. Give it a try for one week and see what happens.

They say you’re only as old as you feel.

Let’s shave a few years off that, shall we?

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