The Christmas Cookie Survival Guide

Too many christmas cookies!

OMG, you would not believe how many cookies we have at AFF right now.


I know – it’s a healthy place, right? A place where people come to exercise. To learn to take better care of themselves. We have a health coach (yours truly), who blathers on about healthy eating…ALL THE TIME. Our entire staff consists of physical therapists and personal trainers.


You’d think, we weren’t your typical cookie crowd. You’d think.


But our patients and gym members love us! And what do you do, when it’s Christmas, and you want to show your appreciation for someone?


Bake cookies, duh.


At this time of year, we all get especially mushy with the outpouring of thank-you’s and testimonials we hear from our community. We love you. And we love your cookies!


I don’t doubt that many of you have a similar cookie situation at your office. But even if you don’t, you’re bound to attend some holiday events, where there will indeed be cookies.


But if you’re trying to lose weight, or maintain a hard-won goal, you can’t just go around eating cookies for three weeks. Don’t worry! I’ve got your back. This year, I’ve come up with a guide to help you navigate the choppy seas of Cookie Season.


Sam’s  (completely arbitrary, only half-serious…or IS it?) Holiday Cookie Survival Guide


The trick to surviving cookie season is to always have a PLAN. These tips can stand alone or be combined, to fully arm you against the onslaught of thumbprints, buckeyes, and gingerbread men.


1. Set a weekly cookie quota. (Not a daily one.) Set a limit of, say, five cookies a week. That way, if you know you have a party on Saturday, but someone shows up on Tuesday with homemade caramels for the office, you can decide: do you want to blow your quota early, or hold off until the party? (And yeah – caramels count as cookies, cheater.)


2. Only eat cookies with chocolate. Because, come on. Those are the best ones anyway. This cuts down on a lot of unnecessary consumption of lame, un-chocolate related cookies. Hate chocolate? Okaaaay… only eat cookies with red and green sprinkles.


3. Only eat cookies on Wednesday. Or any day that’s not Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.


4. Pretend you are a snooty cookie critic. Every time you eat a cookie, chew slowly. Consider the presentation, the texture. The flavor. Are they overcooked? Too sweet? What would it take for this cookie to get a five-star review? Then, only eat the five-star cookies.


5. For every cookie you eat, eat one Brussels sprout. It won’t undo the cookie, but I bet you’ll think twice about that third pecan bar.


The real lesson here? Lighten up. Don’t make the next two weeks a willpower battle – make it fun!

I’d love to hear your strategies for cookie season – shout ’em out in the comments below!


Written by Damon

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