Summer Sippin’

In the summer, my favorite cold beverage is an herbal tea spritzer. Here’s how to make one:

Fill a quart mason jar with filtered water and four tea bags of choice. If you like to sweeten your tea, add some raw honey. Some great ideas are chamomile, peppermint, lavender, or lemon ginger. A peppermint-chamomile combination is delicious.

Seal tightly and place the jar upside-down in the sun for at least three hours. Inverting the jar ensures proper steeping of the tea. It also prevents the honey from clumping at the bottom. Store in the fridge.

To make the spritzer:

Fill a glass with ice. Fill up about halfway with the herbal tea, and the rest with sparkling mineral water. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

Of course, you could make this with caffeinated tea as well – green tea would be good. You can also make a spritzer with lemonade, apple juice, or apple cider vinegar. The effervescence of the sparkling water makes these already refreshing beverages even more satisfying.


Have a favorite summer cooler? Share your suggestions in the comments below! 

Written by Damon

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