Overcoming the Winter Slump

The fall and winter seasons are a time of celebrating, unwinding, bundling up, and gathering with those closest to you.  It’s also the time of year where motivation is generally at an all time low.  We’ve been tackling 2014 with everything we’ve got for months now; it’s time to take a seat and wait for the rejuvenating fresh air of 2015.


Maybe you’re burned out after a summer of hard work and pushing towards your fitness goals.  Maybe you get caught up in all the holiday joy (and holiday feasts), and end up putting exercise a little lower on the priorities list for a while.  Or maybe you just think it’s too darn cold.


It’s common.  This zapping of willpower happens to just about everyone this time of year.


This year though, how about we break that cycle?


Think about all the work you put in during the spring and summer and the results you found.  Did you feel healthier?  Accomplish some goals?  Feel more energized?  Better mood?  Better sleep?  Those results happened because of your consistency.


If you struggle to keep up the motivation during the busy holiday season, try setting some different goals for yourself specifically for this time of year.  Write it down, and put it where you can see it every day.  Let it be a reminder of what you want to accomplish for those moments when you want to put off that trip to the gym.


If you need some extra help setting goals and staying motivated, let us help you out!  All our pop-up classes in November and December were created with exactly this in mind. From Trish’s Dance Your AFF off party, to Sam’s Healthy Holidays class, we’ve got you covered. Pop-up classes are listed on our schedule in BIG BOLD FONT, so you can’t miss ’em.


Also, yesterday we launched  our second year of Finish Strong!  If you want to make a goal for the holidays, this is perfect for you.  Accumulate 24 gym visits over the next 6 weeks and win a prize (what better motivation than free stuff??).  Both of these are free to our members, just sign up at the front desk.

See you in the gym!


Written by Ross Elliott

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