Healthy Holidays Monday December 8th!

Samantha Pollack, Holistic Health Coach Insider WellnessThis Monday I’m hosting a Healthy Holidays pop-up class.


It’s not a workout.


It’s not the same old tips and tricks for surviving the holidays. (Chew slowly, take walks, don’t fill up on appetizers, blah blah blah.)


It’s not a secret ploy to take all the “fun” out of your favorite dishes. In case you equate butter with fun.


Mostly, I’m going to share my favorite holiday dishes with you. Like Rachael Ray, only without all the cooking. Fresh ideas that will surprise (and impress) your friends and family, but aren’t any more difficult than your same-old green bean casserole.


And yeah, we’ll probably talk a little about stress levels. (It is Christmas, after all.) I plan to share a new theory I’m working on about that.


It’s this Monday, December 8th, at 7pm. It’s free for you and a guest, but sign up is required. You can email me to reserve your spot, or just call or stop by the front desk.



See you there!



Written by Damon

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