Date/nut Balls

I wish there was something else to call these, but “round things rolled in coconut” just doesn’t flow. I suppose you could make them into squares if you wanted.

These are great for a post-workout snack – they’ve got everything you need (carbs, protein, fat), very little sweetener, and they taste amazing. Plus they’re quick and versatile.

Date/nut Balls

What you need:

  • Raw almonds
  • Raw sunflower seeds
  • Raw sesame seeds
  • Cacao powder or carob powder (found in the baking section of your local health food store – you can also just use regular cocoa powder)
  • Cinnamon
  • Sea salt
  • Dates
  • Spoonful of coconut oil
  • Agave nectar, raw honey, coconut nectar or Stevia
  • Water
  • Coconut flakes

What you do:

There are no measurements in this recipe. The only stipulation is that you want more nuts than seeds – it makes a better base. You can use pecans, walnuts, cashews, or a mixture.

Dump all dry ingredients into a food processor and pulse until crumbly. Add wet ingredients (except water) and blend. Add water and adjust dry and wet ingredients until you have a thick, sticky mess. It should be wet enough to stay together, but dry enough to hold its shape.

Spread coconut on a baking sheet. Roll mixture into balls (as large or as small as you prefer) and place on sheet. Sprinkle more coconut on top and shake the tray until the balls are covered in coconut. You may have to roll them around by hand to get full coverage.

Refrigerate for one hour or freeze for 30 minutes. Store in an airtight container in the fridge and enjoy!

As I said, this recipe is versatile – you can change up the ingredients however you want. The texture is really what matters. Dates will give you the most binding power, but you can include or omit any of the ingredients. Once you have the technique down, experiment!

Sam, Asheville Family Fitness Holistic Health Coach & Fitness Trainer

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