Fitness Staff

Susan Robinson
Interim Fitness Manager, Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer

I have worked in fitness for 12 years but have been a participant for a lifetime. I am certified in Group Exercise, Personal Training, Pilates, Cycling and Water Aerobics. Most of all I am a group exercise leader. I feed on the energy of the group and recognize that many exercisers are motivated by group dynamics, accountability and socializing. My classes emphasize this group consciousness.


Taylor Pollio, CPT
Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

I’ve been a fitness professional since 2005 when I started my career at Philadelphia Sports Clubs. In my search for the perfect fitness system, I’ve studied many fitness modalities including the Ki-Hara Method of  Resistance Stretching, the Functional Movement Screen, NeuroKinetic Therapy, and Anatomy in Motion. I specialize in assessing movement patterns and muscle relationships to help you safely develop strength and flexibility simultaneously.


Kaitlyn Cole
Certified Exercise Physiologist, Fitness Instructor

As an instructor I emphasize good posture, balance, coordination, strength training and cardio that create a well BALANCED body for any level athlete! My greatest passion is competitive horseback riding and horse training. My love for the sport ignited my unrelenting quest to understand health and fitness. You have to be strong and healthy to boss around a 1500 lb. animal with a mind of its own! My adventures have led me to many outdoor sports & hobbies that I pursue in my free time.


Suzanne Seagle, swim instructorSuzanne Seagle 
Swim Instructor

Hi! I’m Suzanne. I grew up on the west coast of Florida where I swam competitively and for recreation. I’ve worked with youth both outdoors and in the water for over 15 years. I am a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor trained to teach youth, adults and those with special needs how to swim. I enjoy all outdoor activities, but spend most of my time in the garden, hiking or on the river. Every once in a while I can still be found on a boat in Florida fishing, lobstering, or snorkeling.