Fitness Staff

Susan Robinson
Fitness Manager, Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer

I have worked in fitness for years but have been a participant for a lifetime. I am certified in Group Exercise, Personal Training, Pilates, Cycling and Water Aerobics. Most of all I am a group exercise leader. I feed on the energy of the group and recognize that many exercisers are motivated by group dynamics, accountability and socializing. My classes emphasize this group consciousness.


Kristianna McPeters
Personal Trainer-in-training

I am passionate about using natural approaches to health and wellness, including exercise and lifestyle changes such as diet, daily routine, sleep, and even often overlooked things like essential oil routines. I love helping people explore ways to avoid unnecessary medications and invasive interventions, so pursuing my Personal Trainer certification and learning from the skilled professionals at AFFPT is a real gift.  I was born and raised in Asheville, and love hiking with my husband and two dogs, Zuki and Jaxen.


Suzanne Seagle, swim instructorSuzanne Moody 
Lead Swim Instructor

Hi! I’m Suzanne. I grew up on the west coast of Florida where I swam competitively and for recreation. I’ve worked with youth both outdoors and in the water for over 15 years. I am a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor trained to teach youth, adults and those with special needs how to swim. I enjoy all outdoor activities, but spend most of my time in the garden, hiking or on the river. Every once in a while I can still be found on a boat in Florida fishing, lobstering, or snorkeling.