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Walking is perhaps the most basic, functional movement humans do. It is also one of the most repetitive. The average American walks five to six thousand steps a day! If done properly walking can improve strength in bone, tendon, and muscle, not to mention overall physical & cardiovascular conditioning. But even minor abnormalities in gait can lead to excessive cumulative stresses that can lead to breakdown and / or pain if not corrected. In some cases, structural abdnormalities in our feet and legs can lead to these problems, limiting the ability to simply walk, and that has huge impacts on our quality of life.

At Asheville Family Fitness and Physical Therapy we want to help keep you striding through life. While the primary focus should always be on strengthening and functional retraining, at times it may be necessary to provide external support to help correct structural problems in your feet. This is where a custom foot orthotic comes in. It is a specialized shoe insert made to exact specifications based on your needs to help change the way your foot and lower leg respond to weight bearing and walking. Custom foot orthotics can help reduce back, hip, knee and foot pain and improve your walking and standing tolerance. Custom foot orthotics may be the missing link that allow you to return to doing the things in life that are important to you.

Our orthotic therapist, Marc Modica, PT, DPT, has been doing custom foot orthotics for nearly 2 decades. He’ll perform a thorough evaluation of your foot and leg to see if orthotics are the right option for you. If so, he’ll design an exceptional product at a very competitive price and guarantee your satisfaction. You can be evaluated to see if foot orthotics are the right option for you by scheduling a Physical Therapy appointment with Dr. Modica today.