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AFFPT patients, members, & clients:


As the entire world is being forced to react to Coronavirus, COVID-19, it is important to us that you know we are taking this highly contagious virus very seriously and our actions & reactions will be based on the best facts & science available, but will always put the health & wellness of our patrons, our staff, & our community first.

On March 11, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic, defined as a new disease, for which people do not have immunity, that spreads around the world beyond expectations. Once a pandemic is declared, it becomes much more likely that community spread will eventually happen, meaning governments and health care systems can quickly be overwhelmed if they are not prepared. We feel it is very important for community businesses, especially health care providers, to be prepared & proactive as well. But we must focus on the facts, not the fears.

As of March 16, the Buncombe County Health Department reported 1 positive case of COVID-19 by a traveler passing through Buncombe County – but official recommendations to minimize the spreading of COVID-19 have not changed. Recommendations are the following:

  • Stay home & self-quarantine if you are sick or think you’ve potentially been exposed.
  • DO NOT COME OUT INTO COMMUNITY if you have recently traveled to a country with a Level 3 Travel Health Notice
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds
  • Do not touch your face
  • Disinfect surfaces regularly
  • Cough/sneeze into your bent elbow or a tissue, and throw the tissue away immediately
  • Practice social distancing, especially if you are part of the higher-risk population (older adults and people who have serious chronic medical conditions like: heart disease, diabetes, lung disease)

Here’s what WE are currently doing to protect our community:

  • Signs posted at entry asking any symptomatic or potentially infected individuals to refrain from entering.
  • Verbally screening ALL Physical Therapy patients (return & new) for risk of exposure
  • Limiting the number of people inside the building at any one time, and ensuring they are spread out within the facility.
  • Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces at least three times per day
  • Making additional cleaners available to staff and gym members
  • Reminding staff and patrons that it is imperative to stay home if they have even minor signs of infection, including fever, coughing, difficulty breathing OR if they think they may have potentially been exposed to the coronavirus.
  • Requesting all clinicians / therapists use gloves when doing hands-on treatments
  • Established a reporting expectation whereby if a staff member or patron has been confirmed positive with the COVID-19 virus that they confidentially report it to our director immediately.

We will be constantly monitoring local and national updates, communicating internally, and placing the safety of our patrons & staff first & foremost in our decisions of how to act and react.


AFFPT Management