“I Just Want to Tone Up”

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“I Just Want to Tone Up”

Sound familiar? It’s one of the most common fitness goals among new (and current) gym members, especially women. If this is your goal, you probably have an idea of what it looks like. Less flab, arm muscles that stand out (but not too much), a belly that’s firm, and a non-saggy butt. Right? You also Continue Reading

The Three Best Core Strengthening Moves. Period.

Everyone’s always talking about the importance of a strong core. Better posture, less back pain, less risk of injury, better movement. Here are the three best core strengtheners EVER, according to us. 1. The Plank. If I were to make a list of one exercise, this would be it. If you do nothing else, plank. Continue Reading

Will I Ever Use This in Real Life?

Most of us asked that question at some point in our learning years. For most of us, it happened somewhere between trigonometry and calculus. But whatever the subject, our young minds questioned the purpose of learning – why do we need to know this? How will it serve us in real life? As adults, we Continue Reading

Melanie Bowen on the Benefits of Exercise for Cancer Patients

Asheville Family Fitness and Physical Therapy is happy to welcome our first guest blogger, Melanie Bowen. Melanie isĀ an awareness advocate for natural health and cancer cure initiatives. At mesothelioma.com, she writes about the benefits of alternative treatments on those diagnosed with cancer or other serious illness. This week she shares with us how exercise can Continue Reading

Post-Workout Nutrition

People are always asking us what to eat after a workout. Someone, somewhere, starting telling everyone that chocolate milk was an ideal recovery drink, and everybody jumped for joy. And it is a great recovery drink, but there’s a catch: you actually have to DO a workout challenging enough to merit recovery. There’s a lot Continue Reading

5 Things a good Functional Movement Exercise MUST include!

1. Multiple plane, multiple direction movement: We don’t go around moving in robotic ways do we? Why would you train your body that way? Simply doing push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, even burpies is not enough… diagonals, horizontals, and rotations must be included to be a good “functional movement” exercise. 2. Core muscle activation: “Core” is such Continue Reading

Custom FUNctional Group Training Wall!

Talk about a fun workout-“The Wall” is where it’s at! A full 32 feet long and 12 feet high, this is the heart of our FUNctional Group Exercise area. It will house 4 wall mounted, single handle, adjustable cable weight columns, 3 vertical rows of adjustable height sport cord band resistance stations, plus a 2 Continue Reading