The Power of Planking – Mixing it Up

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The Power of Planking – Mixing it Up

It’s Plank Month at Asheville Family Fitness! So far, we’ve taught you how to plank, why to plank, and how to incorporate them into a daily routine so you can start seeing results. Now it’s time to ramp things up with some challenging variations on the static plank. To be clear, a plank is a Continue Reading

The Power of Planking – How to Do It Every Day

Now that you know why and how to properly execute your planks, let’s work on getting them into your routine on the regular. This is THE biggest challenge with any new habit – making it stick. Here’s a quick, foolproof guide to get you started. Plank in the morning. You literally only need ONE MINUTE. Continue Reading

The Power of Planking – Part II

Last week, we talked about the importance of the Mighty Plank. Today, it’s all about technique. A lot goes on within this seemingly simple core exercise (as you know, if you’ve suffered through any of Sam’s recent classes). A good plank requires upper AND lower body stability, proper core engagement, and correct spinal alignment.   Continue Reading

The Power of Planking

July is Plank month at AFF! All month long, we’ll teach you how to do planks, why you should do them, and how to make them just a little less boring/painful.   This week, we’ll start with WHY.   Core strength is a crucial factor in healing and preventing back pain, correcting posture, and ensuring Continue Reading

Leg Day Substitute: Mt. Pisgah Trail

Spring is transitioning into Summer here in Western North Carolina, and much of the Asheville population is gearing up and heading outdoors to take advantage of our diverse surroundings.  As much as the city of Asheville provides its population with arts, culture, and endless entertainments, it also provides everyone with easy access to a buffet Continue Reading

Maximize Your Workout With Interval Training

In the mix of present-day workout trends, High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT training, aka Interval Training) has been growing in popularity in every corner of the fitness world.  This isn’t much of a surprise; interval training is an efficient way for you to maximize your workout in a relatively short amount of time. The Continue Reading

Loosen Up!

Want to get more flexible? Of course you do – improving your flexibility helps alleviate (and prevent) back and neck pain. It helps you stay in a better mood because your muscles don’t hoard so much tension. And it’s absolutely vital to your workout efficiency. Flexible muscles move better, which means better form & execution. Continue Reading

Self Myofascial Release – We All Love To Hate It

Some of you have tried it, some are addicted to it, and some avoid it with a fiery passion.  Either way, self myofascial release (or foam rolling) is an excellent method of improving the health and mobility of your joints and muscles. Self myofascial release is just a fancy way of saying “self-massage”.  It can Continue Reading

A Good Warmup Goes A Long Way

We all know that injuries are no fun.  If you’ve been active for any significant length of time, whether it’s participating in sports, outdoor activities, or just exercise at your local gym, you probably have experienced an injury in some capacity. How to avoid getting injured    How does one avoid the pulled muscles and Continue Reading

Need motivation? Try this.

It’s February, otherwise known as national falling-off-the-wagon-and-abandoning-your-new-years-resolutions month. In January, the spirit of change courses through our culture. A fresh start, New year, new you. This comes on the heels of the decadent, hectic, stressful holiday season, and most of you are itching to get into (or back into) a sane, healthy routine. But January Continue Reading