Yoga: A User’s Manual

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Yoga: A User’s Manual

We’ve been on a yoga kick lately! We’ve already covered the basics, and why you should try it. Today we’re going to cover everything you need to start a yoga practice – even if you’ve never done it before. What You Need Most yoga studios and gyms (including ours) already have all the props you Continue Reading

Why Steady State Cardio is Still Good For You

Fitness blogs (including this one) are always touting the benefits of heavier weights, high intensity interval workouts, and myofascial release (a.k.a. foam rolling). It seems our old friend – the long, steady-paced cardio workout – has fallen out of favor. Which is bad news for all you book-reading elliptical lovers. While it’s true that steady-state cardio Continue Reading

Boost Your Motivation with a Fitness Challenge

Want to rocket-launch yourself out of a fitness rut? Need a stronger core, but can’t seem to stay consistent? Like winning stuff?   A fitness challenge can solve all your problems. Well, all your exercise-related problems. It can’t pay your taxes or clean your bathroom.   Here’s how it works: You find a challenge, or Continue Reading

Weight Loss 101: The Exercise Equation

Less food + More activity There you have it – the long-accepted formula for how to lose weight. In other words, fewer calories in, more calories burned. Hundreds of weight loss programs on the market are founded on this basic equation – and they DON’T WORK. Not in the long term, anyway. For one thing, Continue Reading

Simplifying Strength: Building Your Personal Training Program

These past three weeks I’ve highlighted the three most common tools for strength training: Bodyweight Exercises, Weight Machines, and Free Weights.  Each of these has its own set of positive and negative features, but none are considered the end-all-be-all of strength training.   And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are countless Continue Reading

Simplifying Strength: Free Weights

When most people draw up an image of muscular strength, that picture usually involves lifting free weights. Which is great! Free weights are a fantastic tool for strength training and improving your fitness.   Although there are countless designs, shapes, and sizes, the idea is still the same: Free weights include any object used to Continue Reading

Simplifying Strength: Weight Machines

Remember the first time you ever walked into a gym?   You saw all those large metal machines around the room with their strange moving parts and thought, “What in the world am I supposed to do with this?”   Maybe now you’re a pro at strength machines, but for many people they are still Continue Reading

Simplifying Strength: Body Weight Training

Let’s talk strength training, folks.   Most exercisers have experienced it in one form or another, but a lot of people still have questions.  I’ve noticed that much of the confusion, to some extent, is due to the countless tools and machines designed for strength training.   Should I exercise my hamstring using a leg Continue Reading

Bonus! Three More Core Exercises to Enhance Your Plank

All month long, we’ve been discussing the mighty Plank exercise – why it rocks, how to do it, and how to do it really well. But your core is more than just your midsection – strong, stable hips & glutes are essential to any good core program. Below are some of our favorite exercises to Continue Reading