Change Is Good. Even When It’s Sad.

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Change Is Good. Even When It’s Sad.

We close out National Transition Month with the granddaddy of transitions — losing another AFF family member to the great wide open. That’s right — in case you haven’t heard, Ross is moving on. Before he starts the grueling Physical Therapy program at Western Carolina University this fall, he’s spending the summer visiting family, from L.A. Continue Reading

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Work Out Alone

Getting into the right exercise class is no easy feat. There are so many factors which contribute to your overall enjoyment, engagement, and success. For one thing, every single instructor has a unique personality, teaching style, and preference when it comes to structuring the class. Some teachers are bubbly and perky; others are more quiet Continue Reading

In searching for the perfect 30-minute holiday workout, we came across this infographic that illustrates an easy-peasy, no-equipment-needed, really hard-looking sequence.   Here’s the workout: “Perform 3 rounds of 12-15 reps of the following supersets, resting 0-30 seconds in between.” (Supersets mean you do two exercises back to back.) 1a) Tuck Jump 1b) Push Up 2a) Continue Reading

The Four Most Important Stretches to do Every Day

We get it – stretch breaks are important. If you work at a desk, use the Internet, and have a neck (or any combination of the three), you know this.   But…do you DO it?   It’s not easy to tear yourself away from the screen. You can try setting an hourly reminder, creating office-wide Continue Reading

FitBits, MyFitnessPal, and Other Gizmos – Our Take on Tracking

Technology is pretty cool. Because of technology, we can locate long lost friends and go on vacation without getting lost. A quick internet search yields countless recipes for healthy lemon squares. We have white noise apps to help us sleep, productivity apps to help us work smarter, and shopping apps to help us spend money. Continue Reading