Healthy, No-Fuss Potluck Ideas

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Healthy, No-Fuss Potluck Ideas

Last night, I talked to four lovely ladies about the holidays. Specifically, how I tweak and modify ingredients so that I, healthy Sam, can participate and enjoy all of the season’s delights – without wrecking my digestion, sleep, moods, and energy.   If you missed it, stay tuned, because I’m in recipe-sharing mode for the Continue Reading

Healthy Holidays Monday December 8th!

This Monday I’m hosting a Healthy Holidays pop-up class.   It’s not a workout.   It’s not the same old tips and tricks for surviving the holidays. (Chew slowly, take walks, don’t fill up on appetizers, blah blah blah.)   It’s not a secret ploy to take all the “fun” out of your favorite dishes. Continue Reading

Your New Favorite Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Hate Brussels sprouts? For shame! They’re so delicious…when prepared properly.   A few years back, I did some research around this. Why is the mighty sprout so reviled?   I found out that Brussels sprouts contain two different bitter compounds – one that’s released with a short cook time, and one that’s brought out with Continue Reading

Your Holiday Recipe Guide is Here!

It’s my favorite time of year! An entire holiday centered around food.   This year I’ll be sharing my favorite holiday foods with you – great potluck ideas, desserts you can feel good about, and creative alternatives to the same-old sweet potato casserole.   And I’m starting by gifting all my AFF-ers the Insider Holiday Continue Reading

Crush Your Fitness Goals this Winter!

Many people struggle this time of year to maintain a good fitness routine. It’s tough to get to the gym when it’s dark outside, and your bed feels so warm, and all you want is a bowl of soup.  Add in the craziness of holiday schedules and office Christmas cookies, and it’s oh-so easy for the Continue Reading

Overcoming the Winter Slump

The fall and winter seasons are a time of celebrating, unwinding, bundling up, and gathering with those closest to you.  It’s also the time of year where motivation is generally at an all time low.  We’ve been tackling 2014 with everything we’ve got for months now; it’s time to take a seat and wait for Continue Reading

Weight Loss 101: The Exercise Equation

Less food + More activity There you have it – the long-accepted formula for how to lose weight. In other words, fewer calories in, more calories burned. Hundreds of weight loss programs on the market are founded on this basic equation – and they DON’T WORK. Not in the long term, anyway. For one thing, Continue Reading

Weight Loss 101: Surprising Ways to Manage Your Blood Sugar

  Last week, we covered the importance of blood sugar in a successful weight loss program. Today, I’m going to share a few practical tips to manage your blood sugar.   This is all part of our September Weight Loss month, which culminates with the kickoff of the Find Your Fit 2014 Weight Loss Challenge, Continue Reading

Weight Loss 101: Why your blood sugar matters

  At AFF, we don’t obsess over the scale, count calories, or structure our workouts around “burning off” what you ate last night.   This is why you love us, right? It’s all about living your strongest, healthiest life. Managing (or reducing, or eliminating) pain. Feeling good. Enjoying exercise.   We stand by this. But Continue Reading

Take a Day Hike – Bent Creek

Our last destination this month is a bit closer to home, but still a great spot for some outdoor exercise! Who says you have to travel far to work out in some fresh air?   The Bent Creek Experimental Forest is a mere 15 minute drive from the heart of Asheville, and is filled with Continue Reading