Have the Best Fourth Ever with Our Healthy Tips!

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Have the Best Fourth Ever with Our Healthy Tips!

Set scene: Sam sits down at a coffee shop and prepares to write a 4th of July post for the people. She looks around and notices that the lady across from her has her four little toenails painted in alternating red and white, with the big toenail painted blue…with stars. Sam can’t decide if this Continue Reading

The Ultimate Summer Skin Care Guide

A regular skin care regimen is indulgent (but healthy). It’s calming (but invigorating). It’s enjoyable, with huge payoffs (but…nothing).   If you’re not practicing good skin care, you are seriously missing out. Of all the things I do for my health, this is my very favorite.   In the summer, we think more about our Continue Reading

Five Things to Try if You’re Allergic to Spring

  Little story: When I first moved to Asheville from Boston, it was like a nature bomb went off and littered my world with dandelions, ferns, poison ivy, and kudzu. (And bugs.)   Mostly, I loved it. The air smelled so clean! I could see green everywhere I looked! And since I moved in the Continue Reading

Four Healthy Slow-Cooker Recipes

It’s winter’s last gasp! And I’ve got four slow-cooker recipes to help tide you over.   The slow-cooker is one of my absolute favorite kitchen tools. Just dump a bunch of food in there and push “on.” Go to bed, or to work, and when you get home/wake up, you’ve got a complete, nutritious meal Continue Reading

What the New Cholesterol Guidelines Mean for YOU

Foodies and health pracitioners across America rejoiced last week, when the U.S. Department of Health announced its new cholesterol guidelines.   In case you didn’t hear, the latest Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (that’s a mouthful, right?) contains a single bullet point that states: “Cholesterol is not considered a nutrient of concern Continue Reading

Got Headaches? Try These Five Diet Tweaks

Do you get headaches? How often? In answer to this question, a client recently said, “Well you know, twice a month or so….a normal amount.” News flash: headaches, however infrequent, are NOT normal. There are many potential causes for headaches, and curing them takes a lot of trial and error. That said, if you tweak Continue Reading

Cleanses & Detox Diets: How to Do It

Last week, we talked about the WHY of cleanses. Giving the body a break from its 2015-standard-American-diet overload of toxicity, and reaping all these benefits: Increased energy Deep, restorative sleep Better mental clarity & focus Clearer, glowing skin Bright white eyes Shiny hair & stronger fingernails Calmer emotions Smoother digestion Reduced or eliminated cravings Detachment Continue Reading

The “Ins & Outs” of Detox Diets

I have a personal theory, that doesn’t seem to have caught on yet: February is the absolute best month to do a dietary cleanse.   You come out of the holidaze, bumble through a few weeks of erratic self-improvement, and THEN you’re ready for business.   Let me break it down:   January is usually Continue Reading

The Christmas Cookie Survival Guide

OMG, you would not believe how many cookies we have at AFF right now.   I know – it’s a healthy place, right? A place where people come to exercise. To learn to take better care of themselves. We have a health coach (yours truly), who blathers on about healthy eating…ALL THE TIME. Our entire Continue Reading