How to Eliminate Soda in 4 Short Weeks (and Never Miss It!)

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How to Eliminate Soda in 4 Short Weeks (and Never Miss It!)

Now that you have an arsenal of soda alternatives, you’re well on your way to ditching it forever (just in time for summer)! If that doesn’t sound so exciting to you, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. This four-week plan will wean you off gently and easily. It’s designed to minimize cravings and withdrawal, Continue Reading

7 Things You Can Drink Instead of Soda — And Love

If you drink soda on a regular basis, count yourself lucky — you are officially in possession of the most accessible, most bang-for-your buck, most inexpensive lifestyle change I know of. Cutting back on your soda intake (and yes, diet soda counts here*) makes a massive impact on weight loss. It’s a one-two punch: cutting down Continue Reading

Could You Have Allergies You Don’t Even Know About?

Ugh. Just looking at this picture makes my eyes water. “The pollen is extra high this year.” Call me a jaded Northerner… but don’t people say that every single spring? Seems to me, people who have allergies just have them. And people who don’t? Well, don’t. Or do they? (Muah ha ha) You don’t hear Continue Reading

Get Glowing Skin at Any Age (Without Chemicals)

  The other day, my 10-year-old nephew came in from outside and said, “Hey Aunt Sam. Your epidermis is showing.” (Snark snark.) Ah, kids. He had a point though — it was showing. It’s always exposed, to sunlight, air pollutants, the chlorine in my water, and who knows what else. (In case you’re feeling secretly out Continue Reading

‘Tis the season… for achy backs, cranky knees, and shoulder knots that rival the tightest nautical techniques any sailor’s ever seen. Yard work. Pulling weeds. A long hike in the woods. All these activities are great, and your body definitely appreciates the usage. But after a long, sedentary winter, you can pay a pretty hefty price for your Continue Reading

These 5 Little Life Changes Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Coming out of a long winter, your body can feel a little…old. Dry skin. Stiff joints. Sluggish energy. A day of enthusiastic yard work can leave you sore for a week. And it doesn’t help that the allergies kick in right about now. This year — in honor of our self-proclaimed National Transition Month — Continue Reading

The Secret to Reaching Your 2016 Goals

Oh goody! Another goal-setting article. Maybe THIS will be the one that actually sticks. Maybe THIS one won’t be the same regurgitated advice you read every single January. Ever wonder why bloggers and magazines can get away with publishing the same New Year’s Resolution content, year after year? It’s because every December 31st, when we look Continue Reading

3 Things you Can Do THIS WEEK to Get a Head Start on 2016

  This week is always weird — the limbo between Christmas and New Year’s. You’re back at work, maybe, but the schedule is off. Kids are still home from school. There’s a full week of December left, but it all feels kinda pointless.   It’s really just one big countdown to 2016…and THEN you’ll get Continue Reading