How I Got Fit for My Wedding without Losing an Inch, Stepping on a Scale, or Stressing Myself Out

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This post was originally published at my website,, on June 11th, 2015. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to “going viral,” with over 200 hits on my site. I’ve received a really positive, personal response from friends, clients, and even some strangers – and I wanted to share it with my AFF family. I’ve Continue Reading

The Non Woo-Woo Yoga Primer, Part II

Last week, I mostly focused on why you should give yoga a chance, especially if you’ve had a bad experience that put you off. This week, I thought I’d explain the basics of yoga – where it comes from, what it’s all about, and how it benefits your body – from the very down-to-earth perspective Continue Reading

Six Things You Can Learn From A/T Thru Hikers

The 2nd Annual Great AFF-alachian Trail Race is still going strong. Yes, we have some go-getters who finished the Trail in three weeks. But there are still five weeks to go, and lots of miles to complete! If you’re feeling discouraged, take heart from these lessons learned from some bona fide thru hikers (on the actual Continue Reading

Vote for AFF!

It’s that time again – the ballots are open for the Mt. Xpress’ Best of WNC. There have been some changes. For one thing, every category is write-in this year. We’re not sure what that means for the winners, but it will definitely make the voting process faster. You just vote for what you want! Continue Reading

Merry New Year! What’s Coming in 2015

Whoa – 2015. Growing up, I thought we’d all have hover-boots and teleportation skills by now.   But I guess handheld computers, video phone calls, and online shopping are pretty cool too.   And it IS getting pretty futuristic at Asheville Family Fitness this year. Check out all the changes coming your way:   Our Continue Reading

Meet Our New Addition!

  Calm down; nobody had a baby. We have a new part-time trainer!   For a long time, Trish, Ross and I have been a close-knit, well orchestrated team of three. It’s been awesome to work so closely with each other. We all have each others’ backs when something comes up – say, one of Continue Reading

Why I Became a Personal Trainer (Trish)

  I’ve always had a competitive drive.  Perhaps it began in childhood trying to keep up with my two brothers, who are on either side of me in years.  I tried to be as good as them in baseball, playing with matchbox cars, and certainly faster than them running down the street.   Naturally, I Continue Reading

Why I Became a Personal Trainer (Ross)

I still consider myself a relative newbie to the life of a fitness trainer, but I’m definitely not a rookie when it comes to exercise.   I started participating in athletics in middle school.  I actually had to persuade my parents to let me join the soccer team (they were much more focused on my Continue Reading

Why I Became a Personal Trainer (Sam)

Some people know what they want to do at age 18. I was not one of those people. When I was 18, my number one interest was Getting As Far Away from My Parents as Possible. But you can’t major in that, so I ended up at Boston University with a major in Art History Continue Reading