My Adventures in Spain-chapter1: Walking…in sickness and in health

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Back Pain – Part II: What to do?

Ok, hopefully you’ve gained some insight into why your back is spasm-ing, now what should you do about it? Well, it goes without saying, there are lots of “experts” out there with lots of advice. Are they right? At risk of sounding like a broken record – it depends…on what exactly the cause is.  But, Continue Reading

Admission of Guilt!

  Ok, ok, I’m going to come clean: I have NOT lived up to my previously stated goal of writing a blog & sharing tips and tricks to keep on your New Year’s goals every week, as I said in February’s post…not even every 4 weeks…more like every 6. BUT – that’s OK. I’m not going Continue Reading

We’re doing this for YOU…..really, we are!

                    WHO ARE YOU?   WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? Ok, some of you may have heard we’re changing our membership structure away from ALL classes included with our membership, and to more of an a la carte system: you choose what you want before Continue Reading

As promised…big announcements today. Class Policy changes in March: Starting this month, we’ll be implementing a 4-person minimum on our FunGx classes, specifically those taught by Trish & Ross, our Certified Personal Trainers on staff. Don’t worry — the classes you like won’t just disappear. We’ll be keeping an eye on our attendance levels over a Continue Reading

Arrivederci AFF!

It’s been fun, y’all. You’ll still see me working out in the gym, and I’ll be continuing to manage this blog for the next six months or so. Meanwhile, check out my new gig! The company is called Abundant Yogi, and they offer lifestyle coaching and business training for wellness entrepreneurs, creatives, and other professionals who Continue Reading

We’re fifteen years into the new millennium, and technology is still advancing faster than that time Superman flew around the Earth to turn back time.   At Asheville Family Fitness, we rely on technology to simplify and streamline almost all of our systems. From planning workouts, to tracking member accounts, we’ve got an app for Continue Reading

Guess How Much Money We Raised for ALS?

$2,632.64   Jack’s Fight was set up to help families deal with the fiscal smackdown that accompanies an ALS (or similar) diagnosis. Some of the money goes the national ALS association. I’m not sure how they decide what goes where, but I do know that 100% of the money goes to the cause.   We Continue Reading

What Are You Doing This Weekend? Cancel it and Check This Out.

  He’s gonna die.   It’s not a thought that crosses your mind, while you sit through another boring business meeting.   It’s not something you remember when your mom reminds you for the millionth time that it’s been three years since your last visit.   It’s not even lurking in the back of your Continue Reading