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Every Workout needs a B.O.S.S.!

What do I mean a B.O.S.S.?     A trainer – barking orders at you to complete another set?           An instructor – guiding you through complex, multi-plane movements?       NOPE! This BOSS simply stands for: B – Burn O – Out of breath S – Sweat S – Continue Reading

Don’t do new year’s resolutions without 20/20 vision!

It’s NOT a news flash: new year’s resolutions DON’T WORK! A plethera of research over the last 2 decades has shown us that on average 75% fail within 6 weeks, 85% within 3 months. Simply listing a few things we want to “be” or “change about ourselves” in the new year is a recipe for Continue Reading

Sitting = the new SMOKING….Really???

Like everything in life, there’s always 2 sides to a story…and the case of modern life (in this country at least) is no different. The advancement in our quality of life afforded by all of the incredible machines, technology, and products we’ve invented in the last 100 years is astounding, with many positive aspects to Continue Reading

  It’s nice to feel supported…but not in this case! Mother Earth, combined with gravity, can be deadly. But it’s not the fall that is the problem, it’s that sudden hard stop of hitting the ground (or some other immovable object) that is. And it’s a big problem! Every 19 minutes an older adult dies Continue Reading

Strength vs Flexibility: the age-old question

    At some point in your life you might have wondered: “what’s MORE important for me: STRENGTH or FLEXIBILITY?” Maybe it was trying to answer the question of why you continue to have that nagging back pain? Or perhaps it was during that Yoga class when a static warrior pose was SO hard to Continue Reading

The Importance of Having a “Spring” in your Step

Despite what seems like more general awareness of the importance of healthy feet, there’s still a lot of talk of how shoes and shoe-related products are the way to keep our feet happy instead of the brilliantly functional and adaptive structures of our feet. The “experts” tell us about the latest and greatest in shoe Continue Reading