Parent / Baby pool water classes have started!

February is Family month at Asheville Family Fitness and we’ve started a pregnancy core/tone water class that’s great for soon to be moms to keep in shape. Giving birth can be one of the most physically demanding and exhausting events a woman will ever go through. It requires an incredible amount of stamina & perseverance as well as cardiovascular and physical endurance. Water is the perfect exercise medium because you get resistance with every movement you make. Remember how hungry you were when you got done swimming as a kid at the community pool? So come try out our pregnancy class with Trish-it will give you a great workout, is easy on the joints, and guaranteed t
o be FUN!

If you’re a new parent, or know somebody who is, and want to expose your newborn up to 9 month old to water, this is the perfect place! Our pool is ideal at 90 degrees; plus it’s shallow, safe, and comfortable for you. Keep checking out our schedule as we add more toddler and child pool classes to get your kiddos ready for a fun summer of splashing!

Written by Damon

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