We’re all a little sad here at AFF, because today we took down the FINISH STRONG charts. After six exciting weeks, our challenge has finally come to a close. And you all kicked some serious AFF.

  • We had 93 participants, 46 of which reached the original goal of 15 visits in 6 weeks.
  • 24 of you surpassed that, with more than fifteen visits.
  • A special congratulations to Lily Controrer, who has the most visits by far, with over thirty visits to the gym in the past six weeks!
  • Right behind her is Sabrina Gallo, with about 30 visits of her own.
  • Other notable gym rats include Hayley Davison, Carol Landers, and Sandra Aycock.
  • 14 of you are eligible for the raffle, with five or more sparkly trainer stars.

As a staff, we’re so proud of you! We love that you took this contest by the horns and made it bigger than we ever imagined. And we are honored to support you in living a strong, healthy life.

Everyone please be sure to stop by the front desk this week to claim your prize! We’ll hang on to it for you through New Year’s. Congratulations!

Written by Sam

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