We’re doing this for YOU…..really, we are!

              Membership Commitment

                    WHO ARE YOU?   WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?

Ok, some of you may have heard we’re changing our membership structure away from ALL classes included with our membership, and to more of an a la carte system: you choose what you want before you commit (and pay). We are asking YOU to decide: what is your health and your body worth? What kind of commitment are you really willing to make for that big ‘ole sack of cells that hauls you around, lifts & carries things you want moved, caters to the every wish and whimsy (well, almost) of that squishy round thing at the top that’s always trying to see, smell, hear, talk, and think? How much time are you willing to commit? How much money? How much sweat? How……much…….is…….it…….worth……?

Well, we know that, as with everything, different strokes for different folks. With our new lower priced basic membership, which includes a smattering of introductory classes AND new member / equipment orientation, PLUS a whole bunch of new, exciting fitness & wellness courses designed by our amazing, super knowledgeable trainers and Physical Therapists, there really is something for everyone!

For the do-it-yourself’er: basic membership – $29 / month.

For the mostly do-it-yourself’er but with a little bit of help & guidance, or at least some fresh workout ideas to keep things from going stale: basic membership AND pick 1 course per month that runs 1x/wk: $29 / mo + $7.50 for each class in the course (that’s $30 if it’s 4 weeks).

Need a little more help / guidance: pick a 2x/wk course or 2 different courses: $10 / class without a basic membership, $7.50 with 

You’re the “there’s no way I’m going to put those gym shoes back on unless there’s somebody there telling me exactly what to do and barking at me if I’m slacking” type: no gym membership, only courses: 2-3x/wk (at least): $10/class, $20-30/wk – about the price of a tank of gas (small car), or a meal out (not downtown)…..not that much.

Get the picture? Like I said, something for everyone – you get to decide who you are and who you want to be!

For more info, come to any of the following info sessions, hosted by yours truly, at the gym:

                     Thurs 5/4 10 a.m.,           Tues 5/9 at 5:30,               Fri 5/19 at 11:45 a.m.,             Mon 5/22 at 6 a.m.


In gratitude for ALL of our past, current, & future members.


Written by Damon

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