The Master.

Physical Therapy, MarcMarc Modica is a name many folks in the local medical community are familiar with. He has been a PT in Asheville for over 20 years, working with an amazing depth of musculo-skeletal knowledge, biomechanical expertise, and manual therapy experience that most clinicians never achieve. He and I met working for Southeastern Sports Medicine years ago, began mountain biking and hiking together, and have never looked back. I have always looked up to Marc as a bit of a mentor and he’s always my “go to” guy when I have a clinical conundrum or I need the name of a good practitioner to refer someone to. Not to mention he fabricates a mean foot orthotic! It is an honor and will be a great pleasure to have him working side by side myself and the rest of the amazing staff of Asheville Family Fitness, Physical Therapy & Spine Center.

Written by Damon

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  1. Elga Calhoun says:

    Hello Marc and Damon

    Congratulations on your new facility!!
    Marc I need your help for a lady who says you knew just how to treat her shoulder… Love the picture with your helpers too


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