One of the most Powerful Benefits of an Intense Workout is not what You THINK…or is it?

So, you’ve just finished your workout, you’re heading for the shower, and you’re feeling great – tired, maybe even exhausted, but your endorphins are still high and your mind is clear of all the stress and worry that was in there not so long ago…here are 3 things to do to maximize the benefit of your hard work:

1. Re-hydrate! Not an option, a must – especially if you sweat a lot… 


2. Suck down a healthy carb + protein post-workout smoothie! Quickly replacing spent glucose stores and boosting concentrations of amino-acid protein building blocks for muscle repair is definitely a good idea…



3. Think! Yes, THINK!

Studies in the U.S., the UK, and British Columbia have shown that our brain’s cognitive might, including problem-solving abilities, are significantly improved both during & after moderate to intense (‘cardio’) exercise. Studies from the University of British Columbia and Harvard showed increase in both the growth & the activation of the thinking, learning, & memory areas of the brain with just 1 hour of intense walking twice a week. Maintaining this regular moderate to intense ‘cardio’ exercise routine for 6 months or longer resulted in even more benefit. And the benefits don’t stop there – behavioral & learning researchers at Stanford showed that creative problem solving abilities were significant improved for a moderate-paced treadmill walking group versus a sitting group. Some studies have shown that even a single bout of exercise can produce cognitive benefits extending 2-3 months after! These types of changes are now being credited with holding off early onset of Dimentia, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s – talk about game (& life) changers!








Bottom line: some type of moderate to high intensity cardio workout, even if it’s just a brisk walk around the neighborhood, needs to be bumped up to high priority on your to-do list, especially when life throws you a mental challenge. Whether it’s that work-related issue you’ve been stressed about, a project you’ve been stewing on, or a personal / relationship problem you’ve been trying to hammer out, this is just 1 more reason to NOT skip that trip to the gym!

Written by Damon

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