New Year’s Weight Loss Group

SquishingsquashFeeling a little sluggish after the holiday season? Sam is here to save the day!

January is a natural time for a renewed commitment to health and well-being. Take advantage of the “New Year’s Resolution” momentum by committing to this four-week wellness series.

Each week, you’ll learn about a specific topic related to wellness – cooking tips, label reading, sugar, and more – followed by an open discussion where we’ll address your unique concerns and goals.

Every participant will get a one-month food journal to help you stay on track. Every week you’ll receive additional handouts, recipes, and more.

Group will meet Tuesday evenings at 6pm, January 7th – 28th.



Each participant will receive:

  • A one-month meal planner/food journal
  • Tips on finding and avoiding sugar in your favorite foods
  • Tons of healthy recipes
  • And much more!

Cost: $25/members, $35/non-members.

How To Register:

1. Sign up at the front desk and make your payment. Make sure you provide a working email address.

2. Watch your inbox for confirmation.

3. Make sure you can receive and print PDFs from your email account.

Come get healthy!

If you have questions, email

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