New Class Schedule, Baby Trees….and the O-ZONE!!!

If you haven’t been to Asheville Family Fitness lately, you’ve been missing out on some serious spiffing-uppery.

For one thing, our “front yard” is looking nicer – we’ve planted some trees and other green things, for a prettier parking lot experience. More oxygen in the air too, to combat all those cars on Leicester Highway.


You know that big fenced-in area on the side of the building? Until last week it was an empty gravel lot. We trainers took some FunGx classes out there a couple times, but other than that, nothing much has happened…until now.

When we opened this facility, part of our vision was to have an outdoor training space for bootcamps and other awesome stuff. We named this area the O-Zone (O=Outside, Zone=Area. Plus it sounds cool). Of all the top-notch services we offer, I think the O-Zone is the one that most excites the staff. We’ve been busy designing our outdoor summer programming, starting with Trish’s “3 For 3” Bootcamp (starting June 10th).

Before we could do any of that though, we had to find some turf – which proved to be more complicated than we thought.

Why turf?

We contemplated a few different options (planting grass, leaving the gravel), but in the end, we decided that turf would be the safest, most durable option, and here’s why:

Turf is comprised of synthetic grass and rubber, which makes for a springier, less slippery surface – meaning, fewer injuries. And when injuries do occur, they tend to be less severe than those sustained on natural grass.

We’re planning to cover the O-Zone so you don’t fry in your own sweat, so planting grass was not an option (grass needs sun to grow, duh).

Turf is safer, cleaner, and easier to maintain (and really green). It’s almost ready – come see it!


Probably the biggest change this month is to our class schedule. We reviewed class attendance for the past three months, and sent out a survey to get your feedback. Using this information, we consolidated our class offerings to create a more streamlined schedule. Most of your favorites haven’t changed – but we did clarify the class descriptions and level of difficulty. Here are the most notable changes:

Class levels

On our new schedule, you’ll notice a number next to each class (Ex: Pilates(3), or FunGx2). This number indicates the minimum level of fitness required to participate in that class. These levels correspond to the recommendation your trainer gives you at the completion of your Functional Movement Analysis.

  • Level 1: Exercises include basic posture awareness and proper movement patterns, at an introductory pace.
  • Level  2: Exercises progress by adding more resistance to established proper technique and alignment.
  • Level 3: Exercises are more complicated and continue to challenge and develop overall strength. Intensity becomes high.
  • Level 4: Exercises will include plyometrics, agility and increased strengthening. Much of our outdoor summer programming will approach Level 4. Coming soon!

Click here to view a complete class schedule.


We hope you enjoy all the improvements. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Written by Sam

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