Need motivation? Try this.

It’s February, otherwise known as national falling-off-the-wagon-and-abandoning-your-new-years-resolutions month.

In January, the spirit of change courses through our culture. A fresh start, New year, new you. This comes on the heels of the decadent, hectic, stressful holiday season, and most of you are itching to get into (or back into) a sane, healthy routine.

But January is long. And cold. And dark. And after a few weeks, leaving your cozy bed to brave the elements – and change into shorts – doesn’t seem so appealing. So you skip a day. Then the next. Then it’s been a week, and a month, and you’re still trying to lose that ten pounds.

It’s a familiar story, as evidenced by the magazine covers that repeat themselves every January. (Seriously, do they even work in December?)

There are plenty of tricks to boost your motivation, but the one we feel is most effective is the Buddy System. Get a friend (or two, or three) and commit to work out together. Same day, same time, every week.

If you know your friend Sally got her butt to the gym, and you know she’s waiting for you, the entire guilt-ridden conversation you have with yourself can just stop. You think Sally wanted to leave her cozy bed? Heck no! But she did, and you owe it to her to do the same.

Swiss Ball Workout

When others are counting on you, it’s easier to show up.

Think about your job. Maybe you feel like you need a vacation, or at least a mental health day. Even if you love your job, everyone wants to stay in bed sometimes. But you don’t, because people depend on you. So in you go.

You can structure your fitness program exactly like this – commit to regular workouts with your buddy or buddies. Go running or walking together, or meet at the gym and train together (or apart).

Of all the AFF members that work out consistently, at least 75% of them come with a partner. If you ask them, they say:

“Working out with a partner keeps me motivated.”

“The buddy system holds me accountable.”

Like I said – when others depend on you, you just go.

And wouldn’t you know it, those squirrely AFF trainers have a done-for-you group program up their sleeves, starting in just two short weeks.

Check it out here.

Written by Damon

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