Merry New Year! What’s Coming in 2015

Back to the futureWhoa – 2015. Growing up, I thought we’d all have hover-boots and teleportation skills by now.


But I guess handheld computers, video phone calls, and online shopping are pretty cool too.


And it IS getting pretty futuristic at Asheville Family Fitness this year. Check out all the changes coming your way:


Our new membership management software. We’ve been working on this for months! Most of you are already familiar with our barcode scanner journey (thanks for being so patient throughout that, by the way). It’s been a learning curve for everyone, and we’re looking forward to smooth sailing from now on.

Zenplanner logo


New decorations around the gym. We’re working on some sweet wall decor along the hallway, and our new chalkboards by the cardio equipment will keep you in the know. The overall look will be cleaner and more inspirational than the crooked flower pictures that used to line our hallway. 🙂


Wall decor at Asheville Family Fitness


Major website upgrades. We’re replacing all our stock photos with real photos of AFF life. And we’re rearranging our content to be more streamlined and user-friendly. Look for lots of cool new features, including an interactive class schedule, photo gallery, and testimonials.


NOTICE: Our website address has changed to Make sure you update this in your favorites & bookmarks.


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Written by Sam

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