Meet Our New Addition!


Calm down; nobody had a baby. We have a new part-time trainer!


For a long time, Trish, Ross and I have been a close-knit, well orchestrated team of three. It’s been awesome to work so closely with each other. We all have each others’ backs when something comes up – say, one of us gets in a horrific car accident and has to take an unplanned trip to Florida for a new car. Or, someone’s child gets sick and has to miss school. Or, one of us has insomnia and needs a day to catch up on sleep.


(Bonus points if you can guess who’s who.)


So even though our limited manpower has brought us closer, we decided we needed some fresh faces on the team. Susan comes to us from a long background in fitness training and administration, and we’re thrilled to add her to the team.


Susan MacDonald RobinsonSims_AFF-2830


I began my infatuation with fitness at the Asheville YMCA in Junior High. I competed in trampoline, swimming and water polo, and was on the Championship National Junior Olympic water polo team in 1972.



I played rugby in college, and after that I continued with a club team until I returned to Asheville in 1983. I played club soccer in Asheville, but made the switch to individual sports (like golf and skiing), with the onset of motherhood.



Following the birth of my first child (23 years ago!) I transitioned my workouts to the gym. I’ve been there ever since.


I started as a participant in aerobics classes and strength training in the gym. I found a workout partner at the gym; we pushed each other and enjoyed our social time together. Our children became the best of friends – and so did we. As a matter of fact Donna and I are headed to Nashville this weekend for a girl’s weekend!


I spent so much time at the gym, and loved the culture so much, that 12 years ago I left my job in marketing and took a 50% pay cut to become the director of a local non-profit gym.


As I worked in club management, I worked to become certified. I currently am certified in Group Exercise, Personal Training, Indoor Cycling, Zumba and water aerobics.


Once I started teaching water aerobics, I fell in love. I now specialize in aquatic fitness – it’s my favorite class to teach!


My passion is to light the “fitness fire” in all my clients and students. I believe that creating a fun fitness atmosphere, enhanced with social opportunities is the key to inspiring others to fitness. Time spent at the gym is an investment in your future redeemed both in quantity and quality added to your lifespan. Like Nike say’s “Just Do it.”


Susan will be offering some free training sessions throughout the month of November, to give y’all a chance to get to know her. If you’re interested, you can email her directly, or ask about it at the front desk! 


Her regular shift is Tuesday afternoons. But you can also find her covering for one of us when we have a car accident/sick child/insomnia situation. Please welcome her!




Written by Damon

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