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Libby w-bones

Just a few weeks more to opening, and here is the first of our weekly staff introductions. I have been so fortunate to come across wonderful, intelligent, kind, and highly skilled people that want to be a part of our Asheville Family Fitness gym and Physical Therapy team. And you, our current clients and future members, have that same good fortune. Meet Libby, staff Physical Therapist, and yoga instructor. I first heard about Libby from my wife: she was the amazing yoga instructor that led her class of expecting mothers through the journey of opening their bodies and minds to pregnancy and birth. Libby has been teaching yoga for nearly a decade and now teaches yoga certification courses for new and experienced instructors through the Asheville Yoga Center. She has brought all of those skills to her Physical Therapy practice. In addition to offering one-on-one Physical Therapy evaluations and treatments, she will also offer yoga classes designed to address low back pain, arthritis, and other conditions for our patients who would like to take part in Group Physical Therapy sessions. Through our Functional Movement Analysis, Libby will help members determine the best type of yoga for their particular bodies, medical / injury history, and goals.

She is kind & sympathetic, but also honest & encouraging. Despite being a PT for just over 1 year, she has developed a following much like in her yoga teachings.  She is an incredible asset to Asheville Family Fitness & Physical Therapy and we are lucky to have her as part of our team.

Written by Damon

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