Important Changes to Our Class Structure (Plus a Special Announcement)

Ross Elliott, Asheville Family Fitness

As promised…big announcements today.

Class Policy changes in March:

Starting this month, we’ll be implementing a 4-person minimum on our FunGx classes, specifically those taught by Trish & Ross, our Certified Personal Trainers on staff.

Don’t worry — the classes you like won’t just disappear. We’ll be keeping an eye on our attendance levels over a 2-3 week time period, and if we don’t get consistent participation of four or more people, we’ll either remove that class from the schedule, or try something else in its place.

This is just one way that we’re constantly tweaking our offerings to make sure you’re benefitting in the way we had originally intended when we structured our class schedule around a small-group personal training model.

And if you really love a class that’s wavering around 2-3 people…get on your buddies to help keep it alive!

Staff Changes

It’s the end of an era as our Ross prepares to leave us for bigger and better horizons. We’re so proud of him for getting into the Physical Therapy program at Western Carolina University, which he starts in September. (Yay!!!)

He’ll be leaving us at the end of April, to go galavanting across the country before spending a few months in his homeland (The Philippines).

You can look forward to his “Last Chance” bootcamp in early April, and he’ll be working his usual schedule until he bids us adieu.

Make sure to give him some extra love this week!


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