First Equipment Mounted!

Carpet is in, lights are on, and the first equipment of our FUNctional Group Fitness training area is up! We have 4 fully adjustable weight stack single pulleys that are just the beginning of our functional training wall, which will also have Rip 60 (TRX-type) suspension training bands, sport cords, and much more!

Written by Damon

2 Comments to “First Equipment Mounted!”

  1. taryn says:

    what system did you use for your wall mounted pulley system? price?


    • Damon says:

      They are from Electro-Medical out of Marietta, GA. The manufacturer was in California, or at least that’s where they were shipped from. You would have to contact Doug Hyche at Electro-Medical for price. I buy a lot of stuff from him, so he gives me pretty good prices, but they were right around $1k ea.

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