AFF’s Favorite Tech Tools for Staying Healthy, Happy, and Organized


We’re fifteen years into the new millennium, and technology is still advancing faster than that time Superman flew around the Earth to turn back time.


At Asheville Family Fitness, we rely on technology to simplify and streamline almost all of our systems. From planning workouts, to tracking member accounts, we’ve got an app for everything.


Today I thought we’d share some of the tools and gizmos that keep us connected, organized, and productive. (We do our best, anyway.)


Exercise Resources


American Council on Exercise (ACE)

There are numerous certifications available to a personal trainer. Each board differs slightly in its approach, and some certification boards are better than others.

Trish, for example is ACE certified. As long as she keeps her credentials current, she has access to an amazing exercise library, as well as a quarterly magazine full of informative articles and ideas (that’s where we got the idea for Slim it to Win It, our team weight-loss challenge).

Many of our past programs and class ideas have come from ACE. And hey! One of our members – Dan Green – just happens to be a writer for them! Small world.


American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

ACSM is another certification board; that’s what Ross has. Similar to ACE, they provide all their trainers with an exercise library, videos and other helpful resources.

We just started using this, and we’re in love. There is a vast exercise library which includes detailed instruction (and videos!). We can create custom workout templates from the library, or upload our own moves.

Eventually we’ll be able to build Gx classes and custom client workouts, that we can share with y’all via social media.

There’s articles galore, and even free CEU’s to keep your trainers legit. Super psyched to get more familiar with this tool.


Overall Health & Well-Being

This is a fitness & health blog putting out great content right now. With everything from How to Do the Perfect Kettlebell Swing, to The Unexpected Benefits of Watching Cat Videos at Work, we love their clean design, punchy tone and informative articles.



You can find everything from relationship advice, to exercise routines, to healthy recipes on this site. I use it a lot to source content for our Facebook page.


Communication / Organization


Google Drive

We’re a really team-oriented staff. Big decisions get discussed, re-discussed, and pretty much beaten to death before we make a move. In order to do this without detonating each other’s inboxes, we are huge fans of Google Drive.¬†

We like Drive because of its seemingly endless storage capacity, and the ability to create “living”¬†documents – anyone can add or edit the content, on his or her own time, without creating an email thread.

It also provides a place for document storage that’s impervious to computer crashes. Our material is safe and secure.
What we use it for:

  • Planning events
  • New program design
  • Tracking member stats (like when we did Slim it to Win It and had to track everyone’s weight, measurements, and body fat percentage.



Sometimes, I’m working up a web page, while Lisa drafts a printed brochure. We both need to access our professional images without sending them back and forth to each other 1,000 times. We use Dropbox so all our images can live in one place – and be accessed from anywhere.


Virtual Meetings


We like meetings. The trainers meet every other week, actually. But because we’re such a small team, we’re NEVER all in the gym at the same time. We often have virtual meetings so one of us doesn’t have to come in on our day off.


Google Hangouts

It’s just like Skype or FaceTime, but Hangouts lets you video chat with as many people as you need to, for free. Plus they have funny little hats and mustaches you can put on your coworkers while they’re talking. As long as you have a Google account, all you need to do is add the plug-in, and you’re good to go.


Customer Management System (CMS)


This is the big kahuna. For the past year, we’ve been using ZenPlanner, which has been…okay. We’re currently in the process of switching over to FrontDeskHQ, which seems smoother and more streamlined in a number of ways.

Stay tuned for more info on the big switch, when it’s happening, and what it means for you. (Nothing will really change on your end; there will just be a learning curve at first.)


What tools and gizmos do YOU use to help you stay healthy and organized? We’d love to share!

Written by Sam

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