A Challenge to help Bostonians recover.

Watching the news lately has been a powerful experience, for lack of a better word. The horror of the Boston Marathon bombing has not just my stomach turning, but my body too-my eyes turn away, my feet walk away, but my mind keeps coming back to it, almost seeking it out. These events evoke many emotions, in all of us. Those of us looking in from outside can only imagine what kind of emotions the people who were directly or indirectly effected must be experiencing.

What compels me to keep looking back, to keep seeking out more? Yes, the chase and the eventual capture of the suspect (and his deceased brother) is something that I, even hundreds of miles away, still wished to see in order to feel totally safe going to sleep. But I am moved most by the stories of the victims and the responders. By nature, I’m a healer, a fixer. I want to find a way to make it better, to make someone feel better, to make someone do better, or to make some situation easier. That’s human nature, at least for many of us, especially in the medical / fitness community.

Well, I have a challenge for the medical / fitness community: I challenge all of you, all of us, to show how a small town  that’s home to some of the most fit, energetic people anywhere, can use that energy to help an injured sister get back on her feet. I challenge all rehabilitation facilities, fitness & health clubs, gyms, racquet clubs, personal training studios, yoga studios just about any facility that sells movement based health or wellness services to setup a donation or a matching donation program in their facility during the month of May with all funds to go to those wounded in the Boston attacks. Many of them will never know the movement of their own limbs again and will need months, some years, of very intensive rehabilitation as well as custom, very expensive artificial limbs.

Most of us will never know or understand how much pain they will be in or how much difficulty they will go through during their extensive rehabilitation, but we can still help, if not with our time, than with our dollars and a little encouragement-they are going to need it, as much of it as we can give…


Written by Damon

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  1. Sam says:

    Thanks Damon – I lived in beantown for over 14 years, and last week was really intense for me. I’m so glad we’re doing this in May!

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