The Secret to Reaching Your 2016 Goals

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The Secret to Reaching Your 2016 Goals

Oh goody! Another goal-setting article. Maybe THIS will be the one that actually sticks. Maybe THIS one won’t be the same regurgitated advice you read every single January. Ever wonder why bloggers and magazines can get away with publishing the same New Year’s Resolution content, year after year? It’s because every December 31st, when we look Continue Reading

Arrivederci AFF!

It’s been fun, y’all. You’ll still see me working out in the gym, and I’ll be continuing to manage this blog for the next six months or so. Meanwhile, check out my new gig! The company is called Abundant Yogi, and they offer lifestyle coaching and business training for wellness entrepreneurs, creatives, and other professionals who Continue Reading

Not Flexible Enough for Yoga? Read on!

Hilary Drake addresses the common misconceptions & resistant thoughts that prevent some people from starting a Yoga practice. “I’m not flexible enough to do Yoga.” “I’m just not relaxed enough to meditate.” As a Yoga Teacher & Therapist, I hear these resistant phrases so often. I immediately envision Scooby- Doo cocking his head to the side, making his Continue Reading

The Newest, Coolest Healing Modality You’ve Never Heard Of

Paige Gilchrist weighs in on the benefits of yoga therapy at Asheville Family Fitness.   It’s true that all yoga—whether you’re taking a class (especially at AFF) or practicing on your own—has the potential to be good, healing medicine for the body and mind. Yoga helps you breathe and stretch (not to mention balance and Continue Reading